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The Idiot - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I've always deeply believed in the mystical power that music has over human beings, mostly because of the healing impact it's had on my life. I believe it has this unique ability to resonate, unite and help us connect with ourselves and the world around us.

Growing up in a musical family, I started playing piano around the age of 6, guitar at 10, and pretty soon any instrument I could lay my hands on. Later down the road, I discovered production and found my dream job, enabling artists at the heart of the creative process.

My core belief when it comes to art is that technical excellence helps create emotional resonance. It's the reason I obsessively tweak EQs and microphone positions. It's the reason I can spend an entire afternoon on a single synthesizer patch or a guitar tone.

I'm a perfectionist, and proudly so. Because if we're going to stop short of something great, then we might as well not do it at all.


"Julien is a Gem! Working with him has been such a pleasure. An incredible talent who listens, is a great team player, and puts his heart into everything he creates. He makes every session productive and enjoyable. Always willing to go above and beyond to make sure you love the final product. All around wonderful guy, producer & musician. Could not recommend him more."


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